My name is Steve Tong and I am a passionate software engineer who loves to work with others. I am a 20 year old who is passionate and curious about learning and doing whatever it takes to hone my coding skills. I initially started coding by taking a introductory course at my college, learning the fundamentals of C++. After completing the coding course, I immediately fell in love with coding. I took my skills outside of the class and started developing projects in C++, but that didn't fill my ambition of thriving for more. I wanted to further develop my coding skills, so I took the Coding Boot Camp at the University of California Irvine, where I graduated and got a Full Stack Web Developer certificate on March of 2021. I have experience in various coding languages, having tackled many projects in HTML, CSS, React, JavaScript, Node.js, SQL, and MongoDB. I specialize in front end development, so I have various experience with single page applications, Tailwind, Bootstrap, React, and HTML/CSS while also being very attentive to details. I love to work with teammates and thrive off their energy. My future goal is to become an entrepreneur as a software engineer with a software or program I make. I am always curious and ready to learn new things.

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